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We Help Businesses Run at Peak Efficiency with Cost-Effective Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

Hard water is HARD on your business. Extend equipment life, experience smoother processes, and produce better products with top-quality water treatment products backed by local, expert-trained technicians.

Certain Services, Inc. serves many industries including the following:

Water treatment for agriculture
Water treatment for car washes
Car Washes
Water treatment for educational facilities
Educational Facilities
Water treatment for food & beverage
Food & Beverage
Water treatment for laundromats
Water treatment for multi-family units
Multi-Family Units
Well water treatment
Well Water
Water treatment for hospitality hotel motels

Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis, Water Softening, & Filtration

Whether you own a small coffee shop, a busy car wash, or operate a multi-million dollar healthcare facility, Certain Services, Inc. has commercial & industrial solutions that fit your business, your budget, and your water quality needs. We look at YOUR individual water characteristics, plumbing, flow rates, water usage, budget and maintenance requirements and we provide you with the solution that meets YOUR needs.

What Makes us Different?

  • Guaranteed, No Hassle Service Agreement
  • Regularly Scheduled Maintenance and Testing
  • Labor and Parts Included at no Additional Costs.
  • Salt Delivery and Fill Up
Certified Water Specialist

What Services do we Offer?

  • Equipment installation
  • Equipment services
  • Granular activated carbon exchange
  • Catalytic carbon exchange
  • Facility operations & maintenance
  • Anion and cation exchange systems
  • Softeners, conditioners, & refiners
  • Sediment filtration
  • Carbon filters
  • Multimedia filters
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Ultraviolet light disinfection
  • Chlorine injection systems
  • pH adjustment systems
Commercial water softener

What You’ll Love About Working With Certain Services, Inc.


Scale Reduction

To prolong the life of boiler & cooling systems, steam production & humidification


Improved Efficiency

You’ll also enjoy decreased cost for many manufacturing and food/hospitality-based businesses


Spot-Free Rinses

Perfect for car washes, restaurants, hotels, and car dealerships


Expert, Local Technicians

You no longer have to wait for a long-distance rep to service your equipment. We live & work in here locally and are here to serve you

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Local Florida Reviews

Based on 186 reviews
Kelly DiNenna
Kelly DiNenna
22:33 29 Jul 22
I have had Certain Services for many years and have always had the most professional interactions and service provided for my house. I appreciate their promptness when there are issues, and there great customer service. Thank You!
Frani Gains
Frani Gains
17:19 21 Jul 22
Certain came for an estimate very soon after my first call and gave me an estimate the same day, Joe replaced my faucets, repaired several items, and got my water system all in good shape. The price was great. I have already shared this with my neighbors and I have a few more items that I will be calling Certain for. GREAT COMPANY!!!
Anne Moreau Gallant
Anne Moreau Gallant
18:46 08 Jul 22
We decided to purchase a whole house RO and after getting a referral from a friend and checking out Certain Services we decided to go forward with it. It's only been 2 days, but we love it. The install took about 6 hours and was completed with ease. Very professional plumbers that did the install. Joe explained everything once he was done and it was the best money spent in a long time.
Gary Mount
Gary Mount
21:43 13 Jun 22
Professional from start to finish. Great communication, arrived on time, performed all requested repairs to my very high standards and didn't mess up my house. Very customer friendly technician, Joe Puda. I will use this company for all my future plumbing needs.
Amazing company. Great communication from office and technician. Timely and very fair pricing. Have used for home and business needs. Highly recommend!
Nancy Keppel
Nancy Keppel
20:31 09 May 22
We had a super experience with Certain Services, Inc this week. They sent a great tech, Brian, who worked quickly, efficiently to resolve our Remote Osmosis issues. Brian arrived on time, removed his shoes (without being asked)…all his tools & towels were clean, he left everything immaculate, They are now our ‘go to’ company for water issues.
Michael Faretta
Michael Faretta
17:40 25 Apr 22
I feel bad that it took me so long to leave a review. I have been using Certain Water Services for years. When Mr Certain stops by to look at the problem and give an estimate you will be left with a good feeling. I always felt Bill gave me the best solution at a reasonable price to solve the problem. He just stayed on the problem at hand and never tried to up-sell me. I have used him to replace a well pump, install a new water softener and a new hot water tank. Give yourself a break and call an honest qualified person first!
Jordan Sines
Jordan Sines
16:44 29 Mar 22
Certain Services is the best in the area for your water needs! Bill came to my home to test my water and tell me about different options for a whole home replacement system. He went above and beyond helping our family with a new system. The next week it was installed and my water is so much better than it was. I don't remember the names of the 2 technicians who installed it, but they were kind, informative, helpful, and answered all my questions. Thank you so much for everything Certain Services! Don't hesitate to call them for any water needs you may have!
Gvelasa -
Gvelasa -
18:27 08 Mar 22
Brian was very professional and friendly.He did a pretty good job.
Jim Shelton
Jim Shelton
17:18 07 Feb 22
Circuit breaker was shutting off electricity to the irrigation pump. I called Certain Services and a repairman came out the next day. He found the tank to be bad and replaced it. It now works better than it ever did.
Angela Allard
Angela Allard
14:33 01 Feb 22
Always excellent service with very friendly and helpful staff. Prices are very reasonable and we've never been disappointed with any aspect of work done. Very highly recommended for all your water needs.
Mary Jo Uhen
Mary Jo Uhen
14:42 28 Jan 22
Our well water was unusable. We had a water softener and aeration tank but the appliances, faucets and pipes were all corroded with minerals. The water was so salty that you could not even take a shower. We did some extensive research on water systems and had four companies give us estimate and tell us what we needed. Certain Services provided us with the most in-depth explanation of what the issues are with our well water and how it could be fixed. We decided to go with an entire home RO system. The system was installed by a very professional team that explained each component. They kept thing neat and tidy. They returned the following day to fix a few minor leaks. Our water is perfect. We are extremely happy with Certain Services and the water that we now have throughout our home. I highly recommend this company and the professionals that work there.
Stew Rowles
Stew Rowles
13:12 11 Jan 22
I was extremely pleased with the Certain Services technician and his approach and knowledge. He took the time to explain to me how the water treatment system operated and what needed to be done as regular maintenance. It is never a good experience to learn you are in need of a major component replacement, but the technician fully explained our options and the impact of our non-functioning water softener.We will be making a decision very soon on replacing the water softener and based upon our initial exposure, it will Certain Services who does the work.1/11/2022I have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Certain Services. I believe you provided the services we needed without trying to up-sale us and your service personnel have been professional and personable.I like the way you do business and in the future I will call Certain Services for our water and plumbing needs.
Thomas Tapelt
Thomas Tapelt
01:36 09 Jan 22
Just had a whole house RO system put in and could not be more pleased. Took care of the smell and salt intrusion and replaced it with fresh good tasting water right out of the tap. Took a shower the next day and only had to lather up the wash cloth once as opposed to the 2 and three time that I previously had to. Did laundry and noticed I didn’t have to add vinegar to get rid of the funky smell in my laundry. Instillation was very professional, timely and informative. Joe explained the whole system and I took a video so we could remember everything if we had questions later. So thankful we choose Certain Services and look forward to our continued business relationship.
Kent Buyea
Kent Buyea
13:42 30 Dec 21
Very professional, in and out very fast and on time. Nick left the job as he found it. ( except for the new pump) completely satisfied with the job.
Connie Rowe
Connie Rowe
13:07 15 Dec 21
We are very pleased with our whole house RO System. The crew from Certain Services who installed the system were very knowledgeable and personable. They thoroughly explained the system to us upon completion.
Brenda Gallert
Brenda Gallert
19:54 07 Dec 21
We are very pleased with the service. When making our initial appointment, Kellie was very polite and very helpful! Cody arrived early to our appointment and was extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. He educated us on our system, how to clean the water tank, etc. He took the time to explain everything and we will definitely use Certain Services in the future and will highly recommend them.
Lauren Strickland
Lauren Strickland
21:55 18 Nov 21
I cannot say enough about the entire team from Certain Services. Moving into a new home only to find out you have salt water coming from your pipes can be an extremely frustrating realization. But everyone at certain services, from the always friendly receptionists, to the knowledgeable techs who are ready to teach you about every option, made the process much less painful. We shopped around for our whole home reverse osmosis system, but the service and care taken by the entire team is second to none. If you have any water troubles I couldn’t recommend them more. We finally have the freshest water coming into our home, and we cannot thank everyone at Certain Services enough for helping us along the way.
Michelle Kulas
Michelle Kulas
15:42 11 Nov 21
This is our go-to water treatment company. Most recently, we had the dreaded sulfur smell in our water and I found that our sulfur block was leaking. Two technicians were able to come that same afternoon, and they had us back on track quickly by replacing a piece that had gotten clogged and sanitizing the whole system. The water is back to smelling like nothing ever happened, and the bill was fair for a couple hours of work. We will be using them again if and when we need service on our equipment.
James miller
James miller
22:33 28 Oct 21
I have used Certain Services twice and l am totally pleased. Nick came this time to help since my water system wouldn't backflush. Nick came and said l needed a new system card. He installed the card and everything worked perfect. He explained the problem and what he did to correct it. I am very happy with Certain Services and will call them again when I have water problems. Thank you .
Next Reviews
"Hey Bill & Chris! Regarding our service call yesterday, our overall experience was awesome. A personal call for service, with a technician arriving quickly! Nick was very friendly, thorough and professional. Very quick with his diagnostics and repair. And, very reasonably priced! Every experience we’ve had with the Certain folks has been incredible, but each time you seem to go above and beyond the last. And, most importantly… perfect water!! Thank-you!" - Steve Donaldson