If you need emergency service after hours, please call (941) 300-1114 to get in touch with our dispatch team.

(941) 300-1114

Certain Services COVID-19 Policy

1) When you call into our office, we are currently screening all calls for possible COVID-19 contact.
We will ask you the following questions:
a. Is there anyone in the home feeling unwell currently?
b. Has anyone in the home encounter someone currently in self-isolation?
c. Is there anyone in the home that has traveled outside of Florida in the past two weeks?

2) To protect & safeguard our employees, they have the right to refuse to enter any home or business, where they feel it is unsafe to do so.

3) All employees must wash their hands as frequently as possible. ALL service calls and installations inside the home; gloves, face masks and shoe covers must be worn when entering. Before and after work the job has been performed, employees will disinfect the area and
equipment with sanitizer.

4) If an employee at any time feels like they are ill for whatever reason, they have been instructed to stay home and self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days.

5) The Certain Services office is being disinfected and cleaned multiple times per day for the safety of our employees.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.