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Get Big Savings On WaterCare Water Softeners in Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda, Arcadia, Venice, & the Southwest Florida area!

Soft Water Makes Softer, Brighter Clothes 

Water softeners remove hard water minerals that quite literally pelt your clothes like rocks during the wash cycle. With nothing but clean, soft water massaging your clothes, towels, and linens, you’ll notice a big difference in their softness and how they hold up to being repeatedly washed. Whites will be brighter and colors more vibrant!

Get Big Savings On WaterCare Water Softeners in Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda, Arcadia, Venice, & the Southwest Florida area!

Soft Water Through a Water Softener Makes Softer, Brighter Clothes 

Water softeners remove hard water minerals that quite literally pelt your clothes like rocks during the wash cycle. With nothing but clean, soft water massaging your clothes, towels, and linens, you’ll notice a big difference in their softness and how they hold up to being repeatedly washed. Whites will be brighter and colors more vibrant!


Why A WaterCare Softener? 

Every component, feature, and innovation of the CareSoft Elite Twin Softeners has been designed to bring the most efficient, consistent quality water to you and your family and is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty!

  1. Exclusive Technology
    • Deep cleaning regeneration only when necessary
    • Exclusive features ensure consistent water quality
    • Vacation Mode to prevent unnecessary regenerations
    • Only one internal moving part for easy maintenance
    • Battery back-up
  2. Patented Chlorine Generator
    • Ability to self-chlorinate unit
    • Monitors every cleaning
  3. High-Performance Resin
    • Powerful and durable media
    • Reduces the minerals that cause hard water
    • Undergoes rigorous quality control testing
  4. Secondary Media Tank
    • Provides softened water during maintenance cycles
  5. Quartz Underbedding
    • Delivers high and consistent flow rates
    • Provides accurate and efficient cleaning process
  6. Low-Maintenance Brine Tank
    • Built-in safety float
    • Heavy-duty, corrosion-free material
    • Fills with soft water which reduces cleaning

View the CareSoft Elite Twin Softener Informational Brochure

You Work Hard to Protect Your Family, Let Us Help You Protect Your Home, Appliances, Clothes & More with a Home Water Softener


 Let Certain Services help with an affordable, all-natural water softener & refining system

All-In-One Technology

WaterCare systems use proprietary technology to combine all your whole home water treatment into one. Reduce chlorine, soften water, and remove sediment in one system. Makes for simple maintenance and a lot less cost!

Softer Skin & Hair

Hard water minerals bonds with skin and hair leaving a nasty film. Kind of like that limescale on your faucet! A WaterCare softener removes hardness minerals naturally so you can stop spending money on lotions & skincare products as your body becomes free of buildup!

Clean Less, Live More

While saving up to 75% on cleaning products can be enough to pay for a water softener, what's even more valuable is your time. Stop scrubbing, folks, there's a better way! Hard water minerals buildup on faucets, fixtures, dishes, glassware, & stemware and leave you using chemicals to clean up the mess. A WaterCare softener saves you time & money so you can clean less and live more ❤

Extend Appliance Life

Dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters (tankless, electric, & gas), ice maker, boiler systems, & humidifiers all suffer when your water contains hardness minerals. Do them a favor (and your pocketbook) and give them soft water. Plus you can save up to 40% on energy costs related to your water-using appliances - that's pretty awesome!

How do you know if you have hard water?

Here are some telltale signs…

  1. Your water takes forever to heat up or you’ve prematurely had to replace water-using appliances.
  2. Your faucets and fixtures have a white residue that’s hard to remove. That’s limescale buildup and it’s accumulating in your pipes and water using appliances too!
  3. Your skin and hair is dry and dull.
  4. Your whites are more like 50 shades of gray.
  5. Your brights have lost their luster.
  6. Your drinking glasses & stemware have spots on them – unless you use a ton of chemical spot remover in the dishwasher.
hard water washing machine element

This is a heating element that’s been exposed to hard water

This is a washing machine heating element that’s been exposed to hard water

Why Choose Us?

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We provide customers with the best warranty available in the water treatment industry. All Certain Services, Inc. products are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our products hold up to nine U.S. patents with additional patents pending which make for high-quality, efficient systems that are built to last.

Authorized WaterCare Dealer

For over 60 years, WaterCare® has been dedicated to making water good for life and has been recognized as a leader in the water treatment business. Since the beginning, WaterCare® has remained at the forefront of the industry, with the latest technologies, all built in the USA. We proudly install and service WaterCare water treatment solutions here in Florida.

3rd Party seals of approval

Florida has no regulations on water treatment, meaning anyone can buy equipment and install it. Our honesty and integrity are a rare commodity in this area, as we return calls, show up & do what we say we are going to do. That is why we are certified through the Water Quality Association & are also state-certified plumbing contractors.

Made in the USA

WaterCare Systems are Made in the USA and have been recognized as a leader in the water treatment industry. Our systems, with their innovative technology, have satisfied customers for years; giving them cleaner and healthier water. Each unit is manufactured in-house and put through total systems testing before leaving the manufacturing facilities.

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State Certified Plumbing Contractor CFC1429699

Local Florida Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Stew Rowles
Stew Rowles
19:15 20 Apr 23
I was extremely pleased with the Certain Services technician and his approach and knowledge. He took the time to explain to mehow the water treatment system operated and what needed to be done as regular maintenance. It is never a good experience to learn you are in need of a major component replacement, but the technician fully explained our options and the impact of our non-functioning water softener.We will be making a decision very soon on replacing the water softener and based upon our initial exposure, it will Certain Services who does the work.1/11/2022I have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Certain Services. I believe you provided the services we needed without trying to up-sale us and your service personnel have been professional and personable.I like the way you do business and in the future I will call Certain Services for our water and plumbing needs.09/21/2022I continue to be very pleased with Certain Services. Their field technicians are prompt, professional and courteous. Scheduling was convenient and seemed well managed.04/19/23Certain Services came through again. I had a well head accident and needed emergency service. Certain Services responded and fixed the well head issue and ensured the repair was in good shape before they left. Thanks again
Heidi Qualk
Heidi Qualk
14:27 20 Apr 23
Our problem was solved quickly. Cody was great. He educated us on a few things since we are still in the learning process. Price was reasonable considering it was an emergency visit.
diana tapelt
diana tapelt
14:25 18 Apr 23
Got our RO system about two years ago and are very pleased with the system as well as the continued excellent service they provide. Certain Services is the best choice we made in upgrading our home since we moved in. Can’t recommend them enough.
Thandazwa Ntshebe
Thandazwa Ntshebe
17:31 16 Apr 23
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WhatsApp:+1 (850) 332-4516
Eve Alexander
Eve Alexander
16:20 16 Apr 23
We've been Certain Water Services customers for about 10 years. Recently, we accidentally damaged our system when dragging the trees that fell during Hurricane Ian. Cody was out within hours and got our water running again. They've never let us down!
Brandi Weddle
Brandi Weddle
11:58 07 Apr 23
Certain Services was great to work with. We are in a new to us house and needed some help with the softener and RO system. Their communication and service was great and much appreciated!
Sadi Mavis
Sadi Mavis
15:18 02 Apr 23
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Tanya Luterotty
Tanya Luterotty
21:27 23 Mar 23
These guys are so nice! Came right out, very fast. Cody did an excellent job, helped us when we really needed it quickly.
Le Nguyen (Leo)
Le Nguyen (Leo)
20:41 07 Mar 23
Exceptional service. Joe Puga was super friendly and a great technician. He provided answers to my questions and stayed until the repair was done even though it was getting late.
Deb P
Deb P
22:22 03 Mar 23
This is a great company to do business with. With their fair pricing, qualified techs and great customer service they provide quality plumbing/water services. I highly recommend them!
Lynn Olzacki
Lynn Olzacki
16:45 21 Feb 23
They were quick to respond. Cody is a nice personable young man. He was very thorough in explaining our water softener issue. Very pleased with their service and prices.
Maria Kusner
Maria Kusner
15:06 20 Feb 23
Joe was out here for emergency call, get here in 1hour. Fix a problem and he did explain everything so we're understand what is going on with our well and equipment. Thank you for the exceptional service. A+++
Incredible. Called 8am Super Bowl Sunday. Cody was at the door in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later we had water. Price was was unbelievable. Went from having a terrible day to Cody saving the day. There are still good ones out there.
Henry Anthony
Henry Anthony
13:30 03 Feb 23
He did a marvelous job with my $500 and I earned 1.055934 BTC is which equivalent to $17,780 in 4days. He's an expert to trust 100% legit and fast payout of profit. You have proven to me that trading pays and i will forever be grateful. God bless you Sir. Contact Him on Email: georgerobertforextrader@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +1(520)276-6332
Ed Frattarelli
Ed Frattarelli
12:51 31 Jan 23
Certain Services did an excellent job repairing and replacing what was needed for our water system following Hurricane Ian. We were scheduled a month out initially but as soon as there was an opening they called and moved up the date. Joe was our technician and he explained everything that was going on and what was needed to get our system running. He was quick and professional. He responded quickly to texts and calls, something you don't see much these days. I would recommend Certain for all of your water needs
Abaga Zawuri
Abaga Zawuri
22:19 30 Jan 23
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William Rohr
William Rohr
16:41 07 Jan 23
Great Experience buying and having a water softener installed !
Gerry Brine
Gerry Brine
19:23 22 Dec 22
Very satisfied. A good experience dealing directly with the owner of the company. Brian did an excellent job of installing the water softener.
Jim Saule
Jim Saule
14:36 14 Dec 22
Joe did a great job for me, we just purchased a new home and needed to understand the system, how it works and anything that needs to be looked after on a regular basis. Joe explained everything and was very knowledgeable about the system. Joe and Certain Services are experts on water treatment systems
Mike McKeough
Mike McKeough
14:34 02 Dec 22
Brian was great and sure knows his stuff! Thanks for explaining our systems in our new home to us, Brian!
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"Hey Bill & Chris! Regarding our service call yesterday, our overall experience was awesome. A personal call for service, with a technician arriving quickly! Nick was very friendly, thorough and professional. Very quick with his diagnostics and repair. And, very reasonably priced! Every experience we’ve had with the Certain folks has been incredible, but each time you seem to go above and beyond the last. And, most importantly… perfect water!! Thank-you!" - Steve Donaldson