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Free Water Testing in Southwest Florida

Well Water, City Water, or Otherwise, We are Your Local Water Tester

Are you concerned about your water?
Thinking about having your water tested?

There are lots of reasons to find out what’s in your water…

  • Health concerns,
  • bad taste or smell,
  • dry hair,
  • itchy skin, and
  • scale buildup…

These are the most often mentioned by our clients prior to testing.

water test in beaker

Hard Water Demonstration

It all starts with a water test.

Until then you can’t really be certain of whether or not you actually need water treatment equipment, what equipment you might need, or what settings are needed for best performance.

Even if you already know you have hard water, anyone installing equipment will still need to test the hardness levels.

In plain terms…

What does the Free Basic Water Test include?

Water Hardness:
Whether you’re on well water or municipal water, most homes in the US receive hard water. Hard water can shorten the life of your water using appliances, make your hair and skin dry and itchy, make it difficult to clean the scale on your faucets and showers, and leave water spots on your dishes and your car after washing. This test will determine the level of hardness minerals dissolved in your water.

Total Dissolved Solids:
This is an indication of the total amount of everything dissolved in your water that’s not water, which may include salts, minerals, chemicals, metals, or fluoride.

Usually you’ll already know if you have a lot of iron in your water, which appears as orange staining in your sinks an toilets. This test will determine the amount present.

A strong chlorine smell can be an indication of the over use of chlorine in your water. The right amount of chlorine kills bacteria, however, higher levels are toxic to people. This test will determine the level present in your drinking water.

The “potential of Hydrogen” is a measurement of the acidity or basicity of water. This test will determine if your water’s pH is high, low, or just right.

What will this test tell me?

With your test results (and a little explanation from our water tech), you will have the information you need to ask the right questions and to understand if you have hard water, high iron, high chlorine, or high/low pH. You’ll understand what issues these can cause to your home or to your health, and what the solutions are as well as the cost, if you decide it’s worth fixing.

What doesn't the free test cover?

We want you to understand now (so you’re not disappointed later) that the free test doesn’t test for all possible contaminants (of which there are hundreds of health concerning contaminants that the EPA doesn’t require water providers to test for, but testing for them all is costly, which is why the EPA doesn’t require it). Don’t worry though, if your concern is something specific, bacteria, Chromium 6, PFAS, etc. we can help you find a cost effective way to remove those and many others. If you are, however, wanting a comprehensive test for them, that will require a sample of water to be sent off to a laboratory with a lab fee. Either way, we will work hard to help you get what you want out of your water. We have the people, resources and tools.

Here’s how to get a free test:

1.  Once you contact us, we find an appointment time that works for you

2.  Our professional water technician stops by to test a sample of your water and immediately reports the results to you with details and answers to your questions

3.  If you’d like, the water technician can provide you with options for solving any water issues as well as assess your current plumbing configuration, so you can make an informed decision at your convenience

You can get things started by sending us your info or giving us a call directly:

(941) 300-1114

8AM - 5PM M-F & Afterhours Emergency Service

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*We ask for your phone number because we’ve found that it is, by far, the fastest and easiest way to schedule your water test. We will only use your number to reach you regarding your water test. We hate spam calls too.

Free water test, what’s the catch?

We exist to serve our local community. We are happy to test your water and explain what the results mean, free of charge with no obligations. However, if you do decide to act on the new knowledge of your water test, we hope that you’ll consider us to be your trusted advisor in solving your water problems. You also must be within our service area. Hopefully that doesn’t seem like a catch.

Looking for a more extensive water test?

Comprehensive water tests have to be completed by a laboratory. Depending on the type of testing, you can sometimes pay as much for a water test as you can for equipment to solve the problem. If you are concerned about specific contaminants in your water, ask our expert water technician, and they can give you some cost effective options to consider for your specific concern.

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Mike Guimond
Mike Guimond
15:53 26 Sep 23
We had an under sink R/O system installed. The technicians, Brian and Dillon, were professional and respectful. We also signed up for their maintenance plan and look forward to a good relationship moving forward.Mike and Pat G.
Gretchen Williams
Gretchen Williams
14:17 18 Aug 23
We are so happy and excited that we found Certain Services, they are honest and prompt and always prefessional. Highly recommend to anyone looking for well service
suzy clark
suzy clark
20:31 12 Aug 23
UPDATE AUGUST 9, 2023Joe came and did maintenance and annual exam on our sulfur blocking filter system flushed out jets with peroxide did great job very thorough brilliant professional and nice guy who likes dogs(our Lucy gave him👍)Thanks for great work we’re in good hands you guys came highly recommended by our neighbors on Cromey Rd.Christmas Eve 2022:Gary walked us through video call ☎️house full of sulfur gas had to resetand restart timers after poweroutage very brilliant guy got itall taken care of before guestsarrived. Thanks mucho!Mark and Cody took excellent careof our home and family. Provided anexpert professional evaluation ofour home’s urgent problem ofsulphur smell from faucets.Diagnosis was faulty filteringmaterial in sulphur blocker.Replaced bad material with highquality professional grade filterand chlorinated our pipes with great skill and expertise. These guys know what they are doing.Also great treatment from Kelly who manages this teamOur neighbors referred usto these guys and we will call themagain for any water or wellproblems. CERTAINLY thankfulfor your help.Clark FamilyNorth PortUpdate: We ran into anotherbig sulfur gas major stinko problemLate June. It was a real complexconundrum but Cody hung in there with us he took his time and put 110%effort into it and expertly brilliantly figured out and fixed what was wrong.Nick manned the “crisis line” over weekend providing support andgot us through till Monday morning.Certainly Great ServiceThanks mucho you guys.
Joshua Kitchel
Joshua Kitchel
00:20 07 Aug 23
I have a very nice completely 100% custom built reverse osmosis filtration for my house in an area with very hard sulfuric water. I’ve had to make a few service calls just for maintenance but i had an issue with where my well draws from the ground out it my yard. The call I requested was given to a service tech named Joseph who has been here multiple times before. What i though whats going to be a huge job he made look SOOOO easy, like unreal how easy he made it look. He had it repaired an service in under 2 hours, and to top it off he held a conversation and was teaching me about my system well enough to keep me out there in the FL summer heat with him on my first day iff in over a week! So thats worth something alone! It was $400 but you get what you oay fir with this company. Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good. I give this place a try 10 out of 10 across the board.
Lori Kanigowski
Lori Kanigowski
18:39 29 Jul 23
Can’t say enough! They’re there when you need them , good about letting you know when they’re coming and very professional.
Ken Stafford
Ken Stafford
12:37 27 Jul 23
Very polite, on time, fair price. Third time I have used them
Florida Bound
Florida Bound
14:17 10 Jul 23
So hard in SW Florida to get a contractor to even call back. Certain Services was right there and came out when they said they would. Were on time. Fixed my irrigation pump. Was a simple fix. Even showed me how to do it myself in the future and gave me options for replacing the tank. The technition didn't try to upsell and get me to spend money. Gave me options and was excellent. Hard to find a company anymore that does the right thing. This company is the way to go for well pump needs. Very pleased.
Christine Obbo
Christine Obbo
12:43 05 Jul 23
prompt meticulous service and reasonable pricing
Sharon Barrow
Sharon Barrow
13:43 22 Jun 23
my water system was not working well. I looked at very good reviews for Certain. The tech Joe came to check it out and then he gave me the cost. He cleaned everything and got the system working better than a lot of time He took my information and he will be bringing salt and checking over the system. Finally i have clear water. I am happy
15:43 10 Jun 23
I have used Certain Services several times for my water tanks. They set up a pump and recently they connected another tank to the main one and added a 6 head pvc faucet set up. I love it! They do neat work and are timely. Thanks guys!
Goldie Moore
Goldie Moore
01:19 10 Jun 23
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Stew Rowles
Stew Rowles
19:15 20 Apr 23
I was extremely pleased with the Certain Services technician and his approach and knowledge. He took the time to explain to mehow the water treatment system operated and what needed to be done as regular maintenance. It is never a good experience to learn you are in need of a major component replacement, but the technician fully explained our options and the impact of our non-functioning water softener.We will be making a decision very soon on replacing the water softener and based upon our initial exposure, it will Certain Services who does the work.1/11/2022I have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Certain Services. I believe you provided the services we needed without trying to up-sale us and your service personnel have been professional and personable.I like the way you do business and in the future I will call Certain Services for our water and plumbing needs.09/21/2022I continue to be very pleased with Certain Services. Their field technicians are prompt, professional and courteous. Scheduling was convenient and seemed well managed.04/19/23Certain Services came through again. I had a well head accident and needed emergency service. Certain Services responded and fixed the well head issue and ensured the repair was in good shape before they left. Thanks again
Heidi Qualk
Heidi Qualk
14:27 20 Apr 23
Our problem was solved quickly. Cody was great. He educated us on a few things since we are still in the learning process. Price was reasonable considering it was an emergency visit.
diana tapelt
diana tapelt
14:25 18 Apr 23
Got our RO system about two years ago and are very pleased with the system as well as the continued excellent service they provide. Certain Services is the best choice we made in upgrading our home since we moved in. Can’t recommend them enough.
Tilda Bernice
Tilda Bernice
17:31 16 Apr 23
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Eve Alexander
Eve Alexander
16:20 16 Apr 23
We've been Certain Water Services customers for about 10 years. Recently, we accidentally damaged our system when dragging the trees that fell during Hurricane Ian. Cody was out within hours and got our water running again. They've never let us down!
Brandi Weddle
Brandi Weddle
11:58 07 Apr 23
Certain Services was great to work with. We are in a new to us house and needed some help with the softener and RO system. Their communication and service was great and much appreciated!
Sadi Mavis
Sadi Mavis
15:18 02 Apr 23
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Tanya Luterotty
Tanya Luterotty
21:27 23 Mar 23
These guys are so nice! Came right out, very fast. Cody did an excellent job, helped us when we really needed it quickly.
Le Nguyen (Leo)
Le Nguyen (Leo)
20:41 07 Mar 23
Exceptional service. Joe Puga was super friendly and a great technician. He provided answers to my questions and stayed until the repair was done even though it was getting late.
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