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What is Causing My Smelly Water?

And How Do I Fix It?

Rotten egg smell in your drinking water is usually one of two culprits: Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) or Sulfates

H2S is a mineral released from the earth that finds its way into groundwater.

Sulfates are sulfur-containing compounds found in nature that bacteria can turn into H2S.

H2S in gas form is quite dangerous, however, when dissolved in water it is less so, but it still poses health risks. 

So how does it get in your water? It is often there naturally. If you are on city water, an attempt has been made to reduce it to “not unhealthy” levels. 

If you are on well water, it’s especially common in wells located near shale, sandstone, coal, peat, or oil, like those in the Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda, Arcadia and Venice areas of Florida.

Occasionally, a rotten-egg smell in your water could also be associated with sewage contamination or with  bacteria in your water heater…

The most important thing to note is that it is ALWAYS worthwhile to get your water tested if you have smelly water. H2S in higher concentrations poses immediate risks including nausea, vomiting, and potentially serious health effects in the long term.

So how do you fix water that smells like sulfur?

The first step is to figure out what is actually causing the smell. That usually involves a water test.

Next, once you know the cause, then you can move on to removing the contaminants, which, with H2S, isn’t usually as simple as adding in a filter.

This is where it becomes useful to have professional help. For Southwest Florida, Certain Services, Inc. will do free water testing to determine the source of the smell.

With those test results, we can tell you exactly what you’ll need to fix the problem. We have plenty of experience with the local water and we know what works.

After that, there’s no obligation to purchase equipment from us. Our goal is to provide you the information you need to make the best decision for your family. 

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Sulfur Smell Rotten Egg Smell in Water Port Charlotte Florida

Water Smells Like Sulfur Eggs

Certain Services, Inc. was founded in 2009 as a company that helps get the sulfur smell rotten egg smell out of water and has been offering the best commercial and residential water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water filters, bottled water, and more for decades in the Port Charlotte area. We’ll give you a free water analysis and figure out the ideal water treatment system for your home or office application. We carry water softeners, filters, and RO systems from WaterCare, and have everything from high-quality affordable options to the highest tech items that can connect via wifi. Give us a call for a free consultation today.
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4220 Whidden Blvd G Port Charlotte Florida 33980
Phone Number: (941) 300-1114
Hours: Hours: 8AM - 5PM M-F & Afterhours Emergency Service

About Port Charlotte Florida:
Port Charlotte is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Charlotte County, Florida, United States. The population was 60,625 at the 2020 census. It is part of the Sarasota-Bradenton-Punta Gorda Combined Statistical Area.The Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park and Myakka River State Park provide opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and enjoying nature.With its warm climate, Port Charlotte offers a variety of outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and golfing.The city is known for its waterfront location, with access to the Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico.

Start from Punta Gorda Airport 28000 A-1, Airport Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982, United States Take Airport Rd to Piper Rd 2 min (0.4 mi) Head northwest toward Airport Rd 335 ft Continue onto Airport Rd 0.3 mi Take Airport Rd, Taylor Rd and Tamiami Trail/US Hwy 41 N to Whidden Blvd in Charlotte Harbor 11 min (6.3 mi) Turn right onto Piper Rd 0.2 mi Turn left onto Airport Rd 1.8 mi Turn right onto Taylor Rd 1.3 mi Turn right onto Tamiami Trail/US Hwy 41 N Pass by Hungry Howie's (on the right in 0.3 mi) 1.8 mi Turn right onto Melbourne St 0.9 mi Turn left onto Harbor View Rd 0.3 mi Turn right onto Whidden Blvd Destination will be on the left 15 sec (246 ft) 4220 Whidden Blvd STE G To Port Charlotte, FL 33980, USA

Water Purification Company Reviews:

See why we are the top water purification company in Port Charlotte.
Google Reviews: https://www.google.com/search?q=Certain+Services%2C+Inc.%2C+Whidden+Boulevard+G%2C+Port+Charlotte%2C+FL+Home+Advisor&sca_esv=584463452&sxsrf=AM9HkKl-lsAt4w_TYMLg7lCsTXrO-dERIQ%3A1700621161017&ei=aWtdZY017Jqx4w_N4KPwDQ&ved=0ahUKEwjNjczBy9aCAxVsTWwGHU3wCN4Q4dUDCBA&uact=5&oq=Certain+Services%2C+Inc.%2C+Whidden+Boulevard+G%2C+Port+Charlotte%2C+FL+Home+Advisor&gs_lp=Egxnd3Mtd2l6LXNlcnAiTENlcnRhaW4gU2VydmljZXMsIEluYy4sIFdoaWRkZW4gQm91bGV2YXJkIEcsIFBvcnQgQ2hhcmxvdHRlLCBGTCBIb21lIEFkdmlzb3JIgAhQ0QFYlgRwAXgBkAEAmAHKAqABigSqAQcwLjEuMC4xuAEDyAEA-AEB-AECwgIKEAAYRxjWBBiwA8ICBBAjGCfiAwQYACBBiAYBkAYC&sclient=gws-wiz-serp#lrd=0x88dca8e4f6140469:0x4c5171cde5e7d97,1,,,,
Facebook Reviews: https://web.facebook.com/Certainservicesinc
Yelp Reviews: https://www.yelp.com/biz/certain-services-port-charlotte#reviews
Angie’s List: https://www.angi.com/companylist/us/fl/punta-gorda/certain-water-service%2C-inc-reviews-4725299.htm#reviews
Home Advisor:
BBB Reviews: https://www.bbb.org/us/fl/port-charlotte/profile/water-treatment-equipment/certain-services-inc-0653-90087655/customer-reviews#leave-a-review

Based on 239 reviews
Marchella DAntuono
Marchella DAntuono
18:19 19 Feb 24
The absolute best customer service!! I needed them three times in the past 2 weeks as an emergency call and troubleshooting and they were right there for me! A great staff that is knowledgeable too.
nikki Stroud
nikki Stroud
17:04 17 Feb 24
We had our well pipe burst on Wednesday after 6pm, panicking I didn’t know who to call, I searched in the area and found Certain Services. The after hours answering service was quick and extremely easy to talk to. Knowing it was valentines Day and most people are out, I didn’t expect a call so quick from their technician. Brian was able to help me on the phone get my water turned off and told me his boots just needed tied and he would be right there. Shortly after, he showed up ready to work. It had already started to get dark so we knew time was limited. He was able find the issue, work fast, and unfortunately due to it being to dark he wasn’t able to finish that night. Thankfully he retuned first thing in the morning and fixed us right up! We are very impressed with his time, ability, and commitment to making sure this was taken care of and fast! If you need a service that has quality customer service, fair prices, and one of the best techs out in the field, I say give them a call because they made sure we were fully taken care of in an extremely vulnerable situation.
Jacques Marseille
Jacques Marseille
21:49 30 Jan 24
Incredible service as always. Joe was prompt and efficient. I’ll always use certain services
02:09 27 Jan 24
Like always I have received excellent service, I will recommend to anyone needing your professional services.
R Dias
R Dias
15:23 26 Jan 24
Certain Services is excellent. Real value provided with superior water treatment systems, responsive customer service and post sales support always available by phone or email. Thank you Certain Services. All the best in 2024 and beyond.
Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson
16:10 08 Jan 24
Had Certain Services install 2under sink RO system in our home and are total pleased with their work. Very professional from start to finish.
Nathanaël Umuhoza
Nathanaël Umuhoza
09:19 08 Jan 24
Everything is 100%authentic he is very helpful and answers any questions about online trading I just made my 5th withdrawal and it is absolutely stunning and in great condition! Wonderful customer service! His customer service is beyond expectations! Contact him via: Facebook: Ethan Payne
Email: ethanpayne700@gmail.com WhatsApp:+44 7862 075181
Beverly Asmutis
Beverly Asmutis
21:29 20 Dec 23
They came, they saw, they cleaned and inserted new water filters, exactly what they were hired to do; no fuss, no mess, no problems. They are on yearly call to continue their work at my house.
Kevin Setchell
Kevin Setchell
17:33 18 Dec 23
Great Job in the re-piping project! Took all my concerns and briefed the crew. Knocked it out like true professionals. "Certainly" recommend them!
John Parker
John Parker
16:45 15 Dec 23
Certain Services deserves 10 stars!!! Bill Certain did a very thorough job of testing our well water and explaining why a whole house reverse osmosis (RO) system was the best way to produce pure drinking water. Other companies just wanted to buy their water treatment systems, even if it left a lot of total dissolved solids in our water. We are so happy with our new RO system, and the honesty, integrity, and professionalism of Bill Certain and his service and office teams! The "Certain Care" monthly service has given us peace of mind and is inexpensive compared with other companies. Certain Services is the BEST!
diana tapelt
diana tapelt
05:02 09 Dec 23
Got our RO system about two years ago and are very pleased with the system as well as the continued excellent service they provide. Certain Services is the best choice we made in upgrading our home since we moved in. Can’t recommend them enough.
Marsha B
Marsha B
14:49 05 Dec 23
This company —especially Joe—continuing to amaze and impress me!! Their commitment to their customers is unsurpassed, and the knowledge base they possess is stunning! I honestly have never had such quality service from any company before! Kudos to the team—-I am forever loyal!
Richard Sellers
Richard Sellers
16:56 22 Nov 23
Fast, friendly, and professional
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes
20:57 16 Nov 23
Excellent response time, efficient and proficient in making repairs. Our go to plumber for leaks, water conditioning, hot water heater. Highly recommend!Cody did an excellent job servicing our system. Punctual, efficient and very thorough.Very happy with Cody and Certain Services.
Kristy Miller
Kristy Miller
19:52 16 Nov 23
I called Certain Services the at 8am because we had no water. They came out the same day and had me up and running. The office staff was lovely and the service guys were great! Unlike most other service companies in Florida, they PROMISED they would be out that same day and even texted when they were on their way. Highly recommend !!!!!
Joseph Armstrong
Joseph Armstrong
15:43 14 Nov 23
Excellent response and professionalism, Certain repaired my well and gave a solution to another problem with my softener system. Great work and good communication. Go to company for water and well work.
Heidi Qualk
Heidi Qualk
19:23 13 Nov 23
Our problem was solved quickly. Cody was great. He educated us on a few things since we are still in the learning process. Price was reasonable considering it was an emergency visit.
Barry Walsh
Barry Walsh
19:06 13 Nov 23
I had a toilet installed. The price was reasonable and the service technician was courteous, professional and thorough. Excellent service.
Wayne Sjostedt
Wayne Sjostedt
17:29 01 Nov 23
Fast service- Honest people-Good products
Ken Stafford
Ken Stafford
20:36 27 Oct 23
Service was excellent. Very fair prices. Service man didn’t pressure me to buy any other parts, like I have had experience with other companies.HIGHLY recommend this company.Kenneth Stafford
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Frequently Asked Smelly Water Questions:

How to get rid of sulfur smell in water?

You can get rid of a sulfur smell in water by using a water filtration system.

Well water smells like rotten eggs. How to fix?

You can fix well water that smells like rotten eggs by using a water purification system designed specifically for your well water.

What causes sulfur smell in well water?

A sulfur smell in well water is caused by There are typically two water contaminants that can cause your water to smell like sulfur or rotten eggs, one is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and the other is iron or sulfates. H2S is a mineral that is released from the earth and finds its way into groundwater. It’s especially common in well water located near shale, sandstone, coal, peat, or oil. Occasionally, a rotten-egg smell in your water could also be caused by a water heater or by sewage pollution in your water. If you’re on city water, the most likely explanation is your water heater.